RǓ̥JE TRÊFŁE / red clover

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rǔ̥je trêfłe“, pronounced [rʊɔ̯d͡ʒ trɛ:fʎ(jə)] 🔊, is the Sarkese name for “red clover” (Trifolium pratense), one of the subspecies of the Trifolium genus growing in Sark. Other common names for different subspecies of clovers, “trêfłe” in Sarkese, are “błȧn trêfłe” and “jòne trêfłe“.

origin: Gallo-Romance / first recorded for Sarkese: 2021 (MN) / current status in the 21st century: preserved, in use

“rǔ̥je trêfłe” is a compound name, consisting of a masculine invariable uncountable noun “trêfłe” (a he-that doesn’t change) and an invariable adjective “rǔ̥je“. As the main known is uncountable, when refering to golden clover in general, the use of the so-called partitive is prefered, “du rǔ̥je trêfłe”. The pronunciation is regular.

To learn more on the origin of the word “trêfłe”, see the main SNDO entry “trêfłe“.


Citation: NEUDÖRFL, Martin. rǔ̥je trêfłe/red clover. In: Sark Norman Dictionary Online [on-line]. https://www.bonjhur.net/sndo-vocab-flora-trefle-ruje

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